Fund Raising

Led successful campaigns of $13 M and $8 M over ten years of leadership.  Raised a total of $ 36 M over a period of 15 years.

Strategic Planning

Initiated and completed five distinct Strategic Plans in three separate schools during 28 years of school Headship. Led many schools in their development of mission and vision casting.

Summer Program Development

Initiated and grew compelling summer programs in four separate schools, resulting in additional revenue streams.  One school began with 63 students and grew to over 400 students, providing a gross income of $ 500,000.

Executive Coaching

Served as a National Association of Independent School (NAIS) mentor in the Aspiring Heads Program, assisting school Heads as an executive coach. Provided counsel in leadership development, community building, mentoring direct reports, and emotional intelligence.

Hiring School Personnel

Has hired over 150 administrators and faculty members from international fairs in Bangkok, Sydney, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lampur, Singapore, San Diego, Los Angles.  This service includes checking references, and custom-tailoring unique needs with the available candidates.

School Audit

Provided careful analyses of school dynamics to provide a clear picture of strengths and challenges facing school leaders. Assistance has been provided to enhance identified strengths and to address challenges as follow up to the audit process.

Leadership Team Development

This program utilizes the influential teamwork model introduced by Patrick Lencioni in his best selling book, the Five Dysfunctions of a Team.   Team members can learn to work together to become more effective and engaged.  It is appropriate for use with intact teams or individuals at all levels of an organization.

Board Development

Has led seminars focused on Board development and growth, assisting school Boards to function more strategically.  Assisted four schools in growing their Boards to meet the financial goals of the school.


Academic Leadership

“Every year, more names are added to our long list of National Merit Scholars.  While affirming our mission of integrating Christian faith and learning, John has taken the Academy from a place of great potential to an academically challenging and nationally accredited school where excellence is fostered and achieved.” (Dr. Jim Volling - Board Chair, Minnehaha Academy)

Growing Alumni and Donor Support

Have initiated 20 overseas and domestic trips for donors over a 25-year period. Parents and alumni are invited to join these trips as a “Thank You” for financial support to the school.  These trips have been ideal for cultivation and connecting alumni and donors with the mission and vision of the school. The trips have typically been for about 10 days to destinations such as Italy, Romania, Turkey, United Kingdom, China, Austria and Germany as well as to Aspen, Colorado. These trips have been particularly useful as alumni and donors are connected with current administrators and other school supporters.

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